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T Mobile was a mobile carrier in its own right until merging with EE network… and… subsequently having the same connection issues that EE’s customers are often exposed to. T Mobile Signal Boosters will amplify your carrier’s signal and provide you with strong and stable connection regardless of your location.

User Information About A T-Mobile Signal Booster

Formerly known as Mercury One2One, T-Mobile served efficiently in the telecommunication industry from 1999 to 2009. Before being acquired by EE Limited. After getting taken over by EE mobiles, T-Mobile exists only with the old customers who have migrated over the EE networks now.

The T-Mobile costumers are still there being served now by EE who are using 2G and 3G services.  EE operates the past T-Mobile connections that still exist in the same frequency range that T-Mobile used. So the mobile boosters working for EE works exactly the same with an equal level of effectiveness. The frequency spectrum used by T-Mobile users are same as of the other 3G band offered by EE networks, i.e. 2100MHz.

So you don’t need to look any further if you are a T-Mobile user and looking for a mobile booster that suits your purpose. We have effective models of T-Mobile boosters, which covers you up entirely and efficiently within this frequency range to give you an uninterrupted and flawless signal connectivity, with no compatibility issue, whatsoever. If you reside in a ‘Weak Signal Zone’ or even in an urban area with fluctuating signal issues, our variety of T-Mobile boosters will help you out with it for sure. The setup process for the T-Mobile signal booster takes no time and can be done even by a kid. It is that simple. The amplification is effective and leaves no trace of any harmful radiation if you have any kind of concern regarding it, we guarantee that. Our professional and experienced engineers have left no stone unturned in developing the T-Mobile booster with precision. Don’t wait up, order one today.