ee-smallEE & 4G Signal Boosters


EE is the most popular network carrier in the UK. It delivers the fastest signal connection to over 31 million customers… but… even this heavy-hitting network provider fails to deliver a stable 2g, 3g, and 4g signals to certain areas. And that’s when EE signal boosters step in… to amplify your mobile signals so that you’ll be able to use all the benefits of your network to the fullest…

The brand EE was born of digital age and focuses on delivering fastest mobile network services to its customer since its inception in 2010. Formerly known as Everything Everywhere, EE is now a subsidiary of BT mobile. It offers fastest 4G, 3G and 2G network that includes both voice and data services. The 2G services of EE reaches to almost 99% of the population and operates on the frequency of 1800 MHz. When it comes to 3G, EE has a wide spread for it too and serves to 97% of the population, operating at 1800 and 2100 MHz LTE frequency bands. It supports voice calling, data connectivity, broadband features and is the most used carrier in all over the UK.

Though being the best, EE mobile laces some ‘teething problems’ often reported by its users, which corresponds to frequent signal disconnectivity in the ‘gray areas’ of the UK. To overcome this problem, an EE signal booster is the best choice for you. Our EE boosters are perfectly compatible with all the frequency ranges of EE networks, as they are developed after very calculated and detailed analysis. Our experts run the signal booster EE through intended simulations necessary to check the compatibility and you get a mobile booster for your EE carrier, which is best in the market. No longer will you have to live with low signal issues with your EE network, as our EE boosters are ready to make all the difference. Whatever you desired location and frequency range is, we have a product for you under the EE category. Single band, Dual band, Multiple bands, we offer EE mobile signal boosters to amplify and strengthen your EE signal receptions and keep you low connection issues at bay. Browse from our top in line EE home signal boosters today.