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Telstra Mobile Signal Boosters


As both the oldest and largest mobile providers in Australia, Telstra occupies a singular position within the telecommunications industry. Telstra has been developing and expanding its product range since 1972, and now plays an essential part in the lives of many people who rely on it for communication. Telstra’s Next 3G network provides coverage to 99% of the Australian population, and now offers developing 4G services as well.

However, although Telstra’s Next 3G network claims coverage for the majority of Australians, these signals are often weak, slow, or difficult to receive. Unpredictable environments, remoteness, and difficult interior spaces present problems for any network, and Telstra is no exception. Telstra Mobile Signal Boosters are crucial in addressing the needs of many Telstra users reliant on their network.

Our Telstra Mobile Signal Boosters offer the premium in coverage for Telstra clients and close that 1% gap of people currently excluded from Telstra coverage. Telstra signal boosters are a true lifeline for many Australians in rural areas, obstructed urban spaces, and even on road trips with our Telstra signal booster design for cars.

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Telstra signal boosters work by using a specialist antenna to pick up even the faintest of signals in the network frequency range.  The Telstra reception booster process involves the use of an easily installed specialist antenna capable of identifying weak signals in the Telstra frequency range. The antenna then feeds these signals into the signal booster, which cleans and polishes them into perfect signal coverage and stability. The Telstra reception booster process is easily facilitated with our installation kit designed to get your signal booster up and running in less than 15 minutes. In just a few simple steps, Telstra signal boosters can introduce you to a plane of coverage you never knew existed and from which you will never go back.