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If you are beyond frustrated about the fact that your calls are constantly “dropped” when you are making them from your mobile phone at home, we have the solution to your problem! Too many residents of the U.K. have similar dilemmas in their houses too, whether they live in a rural setting, in a city, and even in the places in between. It’s really very easy to choose the right mobile phone signal booster for home. You will love the fact that our signal boosters, also known as “repeaters”, can work on multiple floors and in every room. Everyone in your household can make strong, complete calls in every area of the house. They can even make calls at the same time, without having “weakening signal” situations, that end their calls prematurely.

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There are just two things you need to know to choose the ideal mobile phone signal booster for your living quarters.  The first is the size of your home, measured in square meters.  It is important to get the booster in the adequate size required, so that it can work from one far wall to the other, foundation to ceiling.  We have various sizes of mobile boosters to fit, from an efficiency flat to a large, multilevel family home.  Now there is only one more step.

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