Delivery Terms

MobileSignalBoosters aims at providing its customers with the best service possible, which is why we choose to cooperate with high standard shipping service carriers that deliver the product with affordable shipping prices.

The carriers that the company is partnering with are Royal Mail, TNT, Fed Ex and DHL. These carriers are fast and trustworthy and all the products are being shipped from the UK manufacturing facility to increase the speed of the delivery.

As soon as the product is shipped out the customers will receive an email from MSB which will allow them to track the shipment process. It will take the product 3-5 business days to be delivered to you, however this can vary depending on certain locations and it can lengthen the delivery up to 12-15 days.

In case the product is ordered before 09:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0), then it will be shipped out directly on the same day. The price of the product includes the delivery fee.


MSB does not have a full control over the shipment process right from the moment when the product gets shipped out. In order to make it possible for the customers to track the package, MSB sends an email through the shipping company following the international standards for delivery procedures. The customers are given a trace number and constantly updated on possible delivery delays and “international transit issues”. In case of returning the item, you will not be required to pay the exporting fees. If you would like to know more about regulations, read it here.

The procedures with the bank that MSB has to deal can change the delivery speed. If both the bank and the company representatives find a unanimous solution the product will be shipped faster. Once the payment is confirmed, the product gets shipped out.