About Us

We sell solutions, not boxes.


As a market leader in wireless communications, Phone Signal Booster’s mission is all about making your cellular signal more reliable.

https://www.phonesignalboosters.co.uk is in signal repeater industry for over 10 years, so we understand the ins and outs of the technology and have helped thousands of customers solve their weak mobile signal problems. This experience has enabled us to bring together the best line of high-quality products specialised for use in United Kingdom.

Our products are certified by United Kingdom and international regulatory authorities, and we offer a generous 2-years warranty period on all our products along with 24/7 support should you require assistance.

So call us at +44 29 2167 9466, email us, message us through the site, or start a chat.  Whether you have engineer level knowledge of signal boosters, or have never even heard of one.


We look forward to helping you.


Phone Signal Booster’s Team.