We Boost All These Networks

Works on Every Network, for Any Carrier



Receives signal

The mobile signal booster’s powerful outdoor antenna seeks out your nearest cell tower, zoning in and picking up on even the weakest 2G, 3G and 4G signal frequencies.


Boosts signal

The signal is fed in from the outdoor antenna to your powerful mobile phone booster installed indoors. Mucky signals are made squeaky clean as the booster amplifies and clarifies the signal it receives.


Broadcasts signal

Your mobile phone booster’s now ready to broadcast your newly perfected signal to your voice and/or internet devices. It continues to navigates your signal to provide reliably exceptional coverage.



Mobile phone signal boosters have been gaining global popularity due to our ever-increasing reliance on good signal coverage to maintain connectivity. Our mobile phone signal boosters work in Australia by using powerful antennas to pick up signals from your carrier’s closest cellular network tower that in turn amplify and broadcast them to your phone or network device(s). A mobile phone signal booster maintains clear and stable signals in even the most difficult environments, giving you the freedom to communicate without the threat of dropped calls.


Mobile Signal Boosters are a Proven Solution to Poor Reception! 

Dropped calls, poor-reception shouting matches or sudden internet outages? We’re guessing that regardless of your network carrier you’ve experienced at least one of these situations. That’s where mobile phone signal boosters come in. Here’s the rundown on why phone signal boosters are gaining increasing popularity in Australia.

Mobile phone signal boosters work by using a powerful antenna to pick up and amplify the signal from your network carrier’s nearest cell tower. Our mobile phone signal boosters are designed to pick up the radio frequency of your specific carrier (Telstra, Optus Vodafone…), amplify it, and broadcast it clearly in your home, car, office, or even boat.

Mobile phone boosters also solve the problem of weak reception for multiple network users. You’ve probably noticed that your signal gets weaker when more people in the home or office are using your network. The powerful amplification of your carrier’s signal by mobile phone signal boosters allows multiple users to enjoy equally clear and stable reception. With a mobile phone signal booster, you can enjoy a full house, office or hotel of reception.

Our mobile phone signal boosters are tailored specifically for you. Our designs are made to work with both specific and multiple carriers and offer different ranges of signal boosting depending on your needs. All you need to do to find your perfect signal booster is to click on your preferred location or network provider on our homepage, and voila—crystal clear coverage at the click of a button.

Mobile Signal Boosters are Safe to Use!

Although the majority of mobile phone users in Australia have not voiced concern over the safety of cellular network transmissions, we care about the peace of mind of all our customers. For those of you concerned about bringing one of our mobile phone boosters into your daily life, rest assured that they are 100% safe to use. The Australian government and telecommunications industry have concluded that the small amount of radiation emitted from the cell towers all around us does not pose a health risk. There are at present no scientific studies indicating a link between the level of radiation submitted by these towers all around us and cancer in humans—let alone the comparatively minuscule amount of radiation involved when this signal is modified by mobile phone signal boosters.

Multiple studies to this effect have been conducted in Australia, the UK, France, New Zealand and South Africa.

Furthermore, mobile phone signal boosters actually emit less radiation than your mobile phone or nearest cell tower. Phone signal boosters work by connecting to the radio-waves already emitted by your closest cellular phone tower and modify them for transmission to your cell phone. As such, they actually provide the least amount of radiation in the hierarchy of cellular phone towers, mobile phones, and mobile signal boosters or mobile signal repeaters. Phone signal boosters are safely used by the thousands of Australians who would otherwise struggle with poor reception.


Mobile Signal Boosters are Easy to Operate!

Our mobile phone signal boosters are designed to be user-friendly and can be set up in 3 easy steps, a process that takes 15 minutes or less. They operate by installing a powerful outdoor antenna, which receives a signal from your nearest cellular tower and then transferring this signal to the mobile signal booster installed inside which amplifies this signal. The mobile signal booster, in turn, broadcasts your network signal through an indoor antenna, giving you and your friends crystal clear and stable reception.

Still curious? Here’s the long version.

Our discrete mobile phone signal boosters are deceptively advanced machines. Our signal boosters use complex circuitry to maintain an exceptionally stable and clear signal. Mobile phone signal boosters  First, they use powerful antennas to receive airborne signal transmissions from your nearest cell tower. These antennas are supercharged to pick up signals that have been weakened by a distance from the cellular phone tower or difficult outdoor environments. Once this signal is picked up, it’s transmitted to your mobile signal booster, which is connected to a power outlet. As the mobile signal booster receives the boosted signals from the outdoor antenna, it uses electricity to convert frequency signals into amplified waves that immediately strengthen the clarity and stability of your original signal. Our mobile signal boosters are designed to enhance multiple networks, meaning that whether you’re using, for instance, Vodafone, Telstra or Optus, we’ve got a mobile signal booster just for you.  In a nutshell, phone signal boosters remove the frustration caused by users reliant on inefficient cell towers, giving you the coverage you deserve.


Your Purchase is Risk-Free with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident that you’ll love your new mobile phone signal booster or signal repeater we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if your purchase doesn’t live up to your highest expectations. We take pride in the quality of our products, which is why each of our mobile phone boosters and signal repeaters come with a 2-year warranty and 24/7 customer service. The only thing you have to lose is poor signal coverage!